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The brand name Loddo Grand is the brain child of aaron beam. It started out with a thought that turned into a full blown movement. Loddo grand is not just about clothing, its a movement and a way of life, being an aspiring music artist,a writer and a poet the word Loddo Grand came from a line that was created through one of A. Beam's (a.k.a majesty,) many thought provoking scriptures of wordplay. So when the thought to start a clothing line became his vision, he felt that the name Loddo Grand would be the perfect name because of the meaning behind it. The word Loddo means money in many peoples eyes,but its really the flipside of that. Coming from the hard times and the bottom as most would explain the place where he came from,the circumstances he had to endure were hard and survival of the fittest,and to make it out of that certain circumstance or situation you were in, money was the objective. Therefore money was the motivation to get to where u needed to be, so Loddo isn't just for them people that came from nothing trying to make something outta that, but also for everyone that aspire to be something greater than whats expected of them... Grand if u know the meaning,means to do it big in whatever it is that your inspired to do,and here at Loddo Grand thats the motto we live by. To do everything big,no short cuts,just hardwork and dedication.This our mantra this is what will define us in the end. Thats what Loddo Grand is about... it's not about the fast buck, but longevity. To be around, stand for something and make a statement in what it is you stand for, Loddo Grand doesn't have a target audience because were trying to be a global brand. Anybody can wear Loddo if a statement is what you wanna make when u step out. Thats what Loddo Grand is... A brand that's here to make  statements. 

As you can see from the way the word Loddo is spelled... We try to be original in everything that we do.... And it starts with the name, and it carry's over to every thing else within the company.